Easyjack – Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1


Release Date: 05/07/2019

Artist: Easyjack
Release: Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
Duration: 34:08
Catalog # ADDICTECH125
UPC Code: 193483667393
File Under: Glitch Hop, Downtempo

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Embarking on a journey of the senses, Easyjack delivers his most fibrous music to
date through Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1. Sauntering across a range of tempos and degrees
of intensity, this EP channels a uniform atmosphere through its composition and
laser precision synthesis. Easyjack’s grounding in the art and science of high
integrity engineering shines throughout the entire release, resulting in crystal clear
transients and silky stereo imaging.

Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1 spins itself on a sound design axis; each track twists a bevy of
similar tones and textures into an entirely new soundscape. The opening track
“Iridescence” ebbs and flows between sultry melodies and enveloping bass weight,
while the follow up tune “Skirmish” pounds speaker cones with syncopated synth
cuts and processed hip-hop rhythms. “Hybrid” is the dance-floor-ready weapon of
choice, drenching break-beat in resonant frequencies and juggled sub jaunts.
“Azimuth” relaxes the atmosphere, utilizing a suite of round-edged textures and soft,
tonal synthesis to paint melodies across the frequency spectrum. The swells and
audio artifacts of “Temporal Symmetry” fold into themselves like a torus, giving the
track a distinct rhythmic surface to reflect the developing melodies. Bringing the
journey to a close, “Parallax Dub” is an all-encompassing stereo ball of synthesis and
modality, with complimentary phrases slinging off of one another with mounting

Easyjack is perpetually tapped into the vein of high fidelity production and
engineering, and he proves it once again through this Hybrid Cluster. His focus on
tonal clarity as the foundation of his music speaks volumes, literally and figuratively.
For audiophiles, engineers, producers, casual consumers, and frequency freaks alike,
Hybrid Cluster Vol. 1 is primed and ready for your head holes.

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