Just Ben – That’s Right (Vinja Remix)


Release Date: 09/23/2017

Artist: Just Ben
Release: “That’s Right” (Vinja Remix)
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: Sept 23rd, 2017
Duration: 04:31
Catalog # ADDICTECH116
UPC Code: 191773667566
File Under: Breakbeat

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A baron of bass and a connoisseur of the cuts, Vinja knows how to get the function jump-jumpin’. This easily could be the party tune of the year! With a deep affinity for glitch hop neckbreakers, the artist steps into one of his alternative happy places with a breakbeat remix of Just Ben’s “That’s Right.” A groovy, upbeat synthed out slapper heavily reminiscent of the glory days of breakbeat. With old school vibes mashed up with advanced production techniques, this track commands booty gyration. Don’t get it twisted – that signature Vinja sound is still present, with resounding basslines and minor glitch work peppered throughout. Ultimately, this is a great piece for the dancefloor with some sonic nostalgia for those of us who could be called OG’s… and the sample says it all, “The Party’s Gonna Be On Tonight!”

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