Nominus – Shockwave


Release Date: 02/23/2016

Artist: Nominus
Release: Shockwave
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: February 23rd, 2016
Duration: 15:24
Catalog # ADDICTECH095
UPC Code: to come
File Under: Glitch Hop

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Nominus is quickly climbing the funky bass ranks, constantly rocking festivals and clubs throughout the US and beyond. His latest release Shockwave is yet another progression of his tribal and heavy sound, guaranteed to bring the family together on the dancefloor for an epic moment of bass and joy. A seasoned performer, he uses his many years of musical training and studio production to create an individual sound to call his own. Emerging from a career as a live drummer you can hear percussive excellence in every track, rolling on top of his characteristic hedonistic bass and punchy leads. This is another artist that isn’t following trends and is bringing his own vibrations to the table like no other. Get in now and feel his latest Shockwave!

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