Opiuo – Butternut Slap Part 2


Release Date: 06/22/2012

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Artist: Opiuo
Release: Butternut Slap Part 2
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2012-06-22
Catalog # ADDICTECH047

Fresh off headlining a sold out international tour, Opiuo is back with Part 2 of the chart topping Butternut Slap series! Cementing his hold in the forefront of dancefloor electronics, he evolves his sound further and lands the soul slap funkship directly in the center of the target of your inner raver’s third eye. We don’t know where this music comes from, or how Opiuo manages to continue to evolve and surprise, but he is clearly setting the bar for many to aspire to.

From the opening percussion of Wiggle Sticks, Opiuo quickly jumps into the funk. Tight synth stabs accentuate the rolling beats and detailed bass.  Live horns enter into the fold reminding us that even in the sound of future music, human soul and intonation spread that special sauce on this delicious serving of gourmet audio.

Next up is Ripple, a dreamy and lucid intro prepare us for the pumping beats and swinging fat bassline. As your neck avoids whiplash and your hips uncontrollably swing to the rhythms, the Opiuo spell entrances you through a ecstatic breakdown, then dropping you flat on your face returning to the beat, injected with additional adrenaline.

Don’t Hold Back follows up next, riding on the resonance of Ripple. This is an epic vocal tune that will turn the head of any lyrical haters. Come prepared to be possessed by the music, as this lurching bass monster contains the syrupy and soulful vocals of Syreneiscreamy as well as the influence of Russ Liquid.

The final track is Butternut Slap, and from the onset the euphoric pads and incredibly thick bass embrace the Addictech ethos of “Music is the Drug”. Opiuo’s music constantly defies genre classification, maintaining certain critical elements of top shelf production standards, inventive songwriting, and unheard of originality!

Opiuo does it again!

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