Birds Of Paradise – Ascended Blasters EP


Release Date: 01/09/2012

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Artist: Birds Of Paradise
Release: Ascended Blasters EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2012-01-09
Catalog # ADDICTECH042

2011 was arguably the biggest year for bass music yet, with it reaching the mainstream with an infection known to all as Dubstep. This brought attention to the other forms of low frequency dance music, and the underground thrived with glitch and bass. Many artists came out of the woodwork to present their music to much larger audiences than ever before, with some following an agressive cookie cutter pattern and others forging a new path of original expression.

Two of the most prominent and unique artists to emerge were Bird of Prey and Gibson. Having a similar aesthetic but still maintaining individual approach, they combine forces in a new symbiotic project called Birds of Paradise! For the first release on the Addictech Records label in 2012 we bring you their “Ascended Blasters EP”, and it more than meets the expectations that one would have for the united hypermind of these two impressive artists. Turning away from the popular distorted direction, they entice your ears with quality production, creative songwriting, and full frequency soundsystem love.

In a world of creatively manipulated promotional propaganda, descriptive terms to hype up releases are overused and abused. The “Ascended Blasters EP” carries its weight without the need for this type of promotion.  Harvesting from the talents of both collaborators, the release gives you the intentional artistic output you would expect. A truly original sound of rolling percussive breakbeats, progressive melodies, incredible sound design and twisted psychedelic layers, it will take your ears only a moment to realize that you have uncovered something special. Taking no hints from current trends, Birds of Paradise deliver an epic vibration across all 4 tracks in the release that will transport you into a space on the dancefloor that is far too uncommon. In 2012 Addictech Records aims to release the most cutting edge bass music to the world, and we are proud to present this as our first release for the year!

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