Si Begg – Pre-Emptive Strike


Release Date: 12/05/2011

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Artist: Si Begg
Release: Pre-Emptive Strike
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-12-05
Catalog # ADDICTECH038

For the latest in-house label release, Addictech is excited to bring you a glimpse of what is possible with electronic music innovation. Following no trends through his illustrious career and setting the pace for his comrades, we are confident in saying that Si Begg is one of the most impressive and prolific electronic music producers on the face of the earth. His remarkable catalog makes it appear to be easy to span multiple genres successfully over many years. Si has always been a direct influence on Addictech and to work with him in releasing his latest output is an honor, as the mark that Si has made on underground bass music is undeniable.

Pre-Emptive Strike is a glimpse into the now of the Begg machine, foreshadowing the forthcoming full length album “Permission to Explode” which will be released on Addictech Records in early 2012. Exercising an extremely wide gradient of genres and sounds, diversity is obvious as he has an appropriate moment for the dancefloor as well as the afterparty, peak time or downtime, this is an expression from a true artist.

Beginning with the experimental noise of Alexandra Palace November 2nd 1936, then evolving and the rocking the dancehall with Reasonable Force, from the start there are clear indicators that this is not your standard predictable release. We roll next through popping and lighthearted melodic glitch with Bubbles, then Si wraps up the EP by washing over your ears with euphoric ambient waves in an epic and cinematic downtempo trilogy How The Internet Ruined Your Life – this is a ride through the synapses of one of the greatest minds behind the digital dance.

Intial feedback is a reflection of this quality release!

“I always look forward to whatever Si Begg has coming out, dude is a genius. This EP is another one to add to the already strong arsenal”. – Z-Trip
“New gltched-out-dope-ness on the large from Sibegg! Some nice ambient action balances out the package with a nice flavor.” – Uberzone
“Love this! Epic vibes…” – James Zabiela
“Beautiful, haunting track showing off the massive production skills of the master Si Begg” Eddy Temple Morris (Re: How The Internet Ruined Your Life)
“Strong release from the master of playful, twisted electronics Si Begg. ‘Reasonable Force’ is the one, fusing warped dancefloor beats with masterful sound design.” – Stormfield
“I’m loving all the versions of ‘How The Internet Ruined Your Life’, good to hear some super washed out drifty sound design and atmospherics :)” – Dov
“This is quite epic so far, ‘How The Internet Ruined Your Life’ is probably the best piece of electronic orchestration since orbitals on and on, feels like it should be the ending to the hackers soundtrack but post 2012 apocalyptia reboot.” – Udachi

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