Bird Of Prey – Pathfinder/Metakinetic


Release Date: 08/01/2011

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Artist: Bird Of Prey
Release: Pathfinder/Metakinetic
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-08-01
Catalog # ADDICTECH034

Bird of Prey is constantly forging new territories in psychedelic bass music, and his newest release on Addictech Records is a clear indicator that he is moving forward and evolving his sound. Refusing to go anywhere near the cliche current trends, he maintains his intention to weave an audio tale for the ages.

On “Pathfinder” Bird of Prey collaborates with Robert Rich and Ryan Johnson for an epic downtempo journey, creating an organic soundscape that is one of the best “chill out” tracks that we have heard in ages! Robert Rich has helped define the genres of ambient music, dark-ambient, tribal and world fusion with dozens of albums across three decades. Rich has performed in caves, cathedrals, planetariums, museums and concert halls throughout North America and Europe. His all-night Sleep Concerts have become legendary since their debut in 1982. His sound design graces many films, and as a mastering engineer he has applied his ear to hundreds of albums. Ryan Johnson is a musician of diverse talent and style. He currently performs with the electronic dance ensemble TROPO, the acoustic/vocal group Alabaster Stone, and rock/pop band Rain fur Rent.

“Metakinetic” brings us back to the dancefloor in a more traditional Bird of Prey vibration. Pumping basslines ride atop cleverly crafted beats, while intelligent arpeggios mesh with just the right amount of glitch. There is something distinct about the Bird of Prey sound, and we believe that he achieves his goal to create “Music to Expand the Heart and Blow the Mind”!

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