Audiovoid – Lucid EP


Release Date: 07/04/2011

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Artist: Audiovoid
Release: Lucid EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-07-04
Catalog # ADDICTECH033

Audiovoid is a veteran of many hours in the studio, as well as many journeys behind the controls of a rocking dancefloor, and it clearly shows in his productions. We have always been a fan of his complex and deep layering, his waveform storytelling, and his thick rich bass. Previous releases have focused on the peak time dancefloor and with this EP we wanted to showcase the more mellow and melodic of the Audiovoid esthetic.

The Lucid EP is the third release from Audiovoid on Addictech Records. Each EP has delivered a unique imprint of the AV hologram and these tracks are no different. Beginning with Pantheon of Absence, you will know this is a low end lovers delight as the bassline rumbles under smacking percussion and a delicate melody line. Spectikal comes in next, riding a euphoric arpeggio through an aural landscape amid progressive and glitchy dancefloor experimentation. Manx drops another tweaked out IDM vibe, and In Your Duplex takes a spin through pumping futuristic sounds that are distinctly Audiovoid. AV rounds out the EP with Lucid, a time tested sunrise track that could possibly be declared an instant classic.

If you are looking for excellent electronic music that is truly unique and far from the cookie cutter trends and bandwagons, this is it.

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