Nominus – Rim Shock EP


Release Date: 05/16/2011

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Artist: Nominus
Release: Rim Shock EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-05-16
Catalog # ADDICTECH030
*Limited Edition CD (100 Units)

For our 30th in house label release we drop the funky west coast bomb from our fellow San Franciscan homeboy, Nominus!

This is his first release, and Nominus does not disappoint with 3 tracks of phat party tunes, set for the soundsystem, and ready to get the dancefloor moving. Driven by over a decade of drum and percussion performance, and inspired by soundsystem culture, the influences of Nominus shine through in these tracks with their deep roots in rhythm, bass, and funk.

While still maintaining a unique sound, 3 distinctly different genres are represented in the Rim Shock EP; from punchy and infectious lead title track, through the nomadic stomp of Funky Falafel, and ending in the dynamic ragga breakbeat/dubstep hybrid journey that Tree Thuggin delivers (featuring the one and only Slarta John on the mic) there is something here for everyone.

We are excited to bring another addition to the Addictech Records roster, and look forward to future releases from Nominus!

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