Seied – Speaker Organisms


Release Date: 08/16/2010

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Artist: Seied
Release: Speaker Organisms
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2010-08-16
Catalog # ADDICTECH019

The next installment for our in house label is the first release from an OG fixture in the Colorado bass scene, Seied! He has been rocking the raves and festivals in Colorado for some time now with a tight blend of original compositions and favorite selections. Developing a distinct sound over time, we bring you his first release – slathered in bass, crunked out breaks rock through glitched out aural layers, just how we like it.

Seied has been spreading his creations through soundsystems for years. Large outdoor festivals such as Burningman and Sonic Bloom, a warehouse in Denvoid, anywhere people are getting their wiggle on to bass – this is where you will be rocking to the Seied vibe. Previously released by remixing heavyweight Si Begg on Digital Distortions in the UK, as well as having one of his tunes remixed by Bassnectar, we are not the only ones with our eye on this up and coming artist!

Bringing the public the cutting edge in bass music is what we are all about! Always on the hunt for new talent to expose, as well as bringing you the best in proven electrobass maestros – Seied joins the family with his Speaker Organisms!

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