Sun In Aquarius – Liquid Fix EP


Release Date: 08/01/2010

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Artist: Sun In Aquarius
Release: Liquid Fix EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2010-08-01
Catalog # ADDICTECH018

Always in support of our brothers from down under, Addictech Records introduces The Liquid Fix EP from Sun In Aquarius. Stimulating the imagination with a unique approach to all that is glitch, Sun In Aquarius drags you into a deep and vast underwater world that assaults the senses.

S.I.A. hails from the hills just inland of Byron Bay (Australia), He is musically characterized by a psychedelic and evolving sound design. The Liquid Fix EP takes it cue’s from glitch-hop and breakbeats, uniquely combining these foundations with splashing underwater sounds, meticulously crafted atmospherics, and inspiring sound effects and samples, to result in a truly captivating production style.

Riding the moving melodies from far below the surface in the opening track, The Deep Blue, through to dance-floor destroying vibes in Jawbreaker, and the melancholy sweetness in Enigmatic Vibrations, Sun In Aquarius provides one of the definitive realesaes of the year.  Exploring chaos and crafting it into a symphonizing trademark has seen Sun In Aquarius a regular performer at festival dates all across Australia. Sun In Aquarius has supported heavyweights Tipper, Opiuo, Sensient, Spoonbill, Grouch and Antix among others.

Caring greatly about the ocean, and employing an openhearted philosophy in his music as in life, Sun In Aquarius is donating half of all his profits raised from the sale of the EP towards conservation organizations taking action to protect our ocean’s and all inhabitants of it.

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