Opiuo – Boganus Proteinius EP


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Title: Boganus Proteinius EP
Artist: Opiuo
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2010-01-04
Catalog # ADDICTECH012

With our first Addictech Records release of 2010, we unleash who we expect to be one of the biggest new “break out” artists that we have had the pleasure to forge an alliance with – OPIUO!! Another brother from down under, this Aussie’s bass is so deep we could feel the vibrations across the globe.

The OPIUO sound is original, funky as your eccentric uncle’s polyester panties, and thick with wicked and twisted bass. We have personally tested these tracks through the best soundsystems around, seen our heroes include them in their DJ sets, and have watched the happiness, joy and audio carnality that radiates from the crowd when they are dropped.

When we say this is the perfect dancefloor material it is no exaggeration.  OPIUO bridges the gap like no other, keeping the funkstars rocking, while entrancing the psychedelic heads with all the right tones, frequencies, edits, and audio tricks that we love! We pride ourselves on choosing artists that have the tightest production, biggest bass, and original artistic impression on the waveform. OPIUO comes through with full confidence, wringing the sweat from our pores, as the human gyration generated from the speakers is unavoidable.

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