Bran Richards – Not Like The Fibre EP


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Artist: Bran Richards
Title: Not Like The Fibre EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2009-12-21
Catalog # ADDICTECH011

We follow our last in house label release with a newcomer from the land of Oz.  Addictech Records are proud to give you the first of hopefully many releases from our new friend down under Bran Richards, as his sound reaches into territory that we truly love. You will be shocked to hear the quality expressed on the virgin release from this 26 year old Aussie.

Stating his influences as Tipper, Soteg, and Prefuse 73 – it is clear in his own output that attention is given to impeccably clean production, big bouncy bass, and squishy squelchy tone selection, and this is what propels these minimal funky bombs across the dancefloor.

With the “Not Like The Fibre EP” Bran enters the family and Addictech Records roster with his first public release, and easily joins the ranks among the artists that inspired him to find himself inside these waveforms that we call sound!

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