Lawgiverz – Data Treat EP


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Artist: Lawgiverz
Title: Data Treat EP
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2008-03-13
Catalog # ADDICTECH005

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Do they long for a Data Treat?

An alien love transmission rips from the speakers at a remote outlaw soundsystem at the end of time, ricocheting inwards to now catalyze human evolution.

As fragments of these tools are discovered, this sci-fi electro bump bounces its way across the universe bending the shape of spacetime through mutant synth hooks, intricate glitched electronics, and soul quaking sub bass.

Addictech is proud to bring you the latest offering from the Lawgiverz, one of the first of a series of releases of holographic sonic gateways – The Data Treat EP!

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