EPROM – 64 Bytes EP


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Artist: EPROM
Title: 64 Bytes EP
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2007-09-27
Catalog # ADDICTECH003
*100 Limited CD

For our 3rd release on our in-house label we wanted to introduce a funky freaky booty vibe to your earholes, and San Francisco resident EPROM delivers with his 64 Bytes EP!

Warping booties on the dancefloor across the west coast and beyond with his minimal, squidgy, and funkadelic electro – he reaches for the psyphy bling to work dat ting!

Fellow freaksters Jnr Hacksaw and Skeetaz get in on the party with their interpretations of 2 of the tracks!

This package comes to you in download and CD format for all of your psyphy digital needs. Crack these tracks on your nearest soundsystem and see what a little funkified goodness can do!

Even though this release is available on over 300 sites, we encourage you to purchase from the Addictech store. We are very generous to our artists, and by purchasing from this site you support them directly!

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