noom – Microcosms


Release Date: 08/10/2020

noom’s first release on Addictech Records, “Microcosms” traces the water cycle of our planet through diverse dream-like environments. From humid insect forest to transient tidal rock pools; midnight ocean depths vaporize into atmosphere and descend again as mountain mists. Microcosms aims to take the listener on a journey of transmutation.

Like a cat in its sunny spot, noom has basked in the brainwave of organized sound since they began playing piano as a young child. Sowed in a substrate of classical, psychedelic, IDM, and experimental avant-garde, noom feeds on an atmosphere of texture and immersive sound worlds. While studying music at university and getting involved in the dance music scene around Melbourne, they became more and more fascinated by how technology informs the process of music making and performance. Current explorations include stretching the boundaries of laptop performance, utilizing music-making programs in unconventional ways, and creating disassociation between a sound’s origin and the listener’s imagination.

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