2Nutz – Half Price Caddies


Release Date: 12/04/2017

Artist: 2Nutz
Release: Half Price Caddies
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: December 4th, 2017
Duration: 12:11
Catalog # ADDICTECH118
UPC Code: 191773928650
File Under: Glitch Hop

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kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor have a few things in common, they both exercise a certain aptitude for the atypical and they both have been producing for the better part of a decade, both as solo artists and as 2nutz, a dynamic duo of outlandish production.

What sets them apart from other beatsmiths is one very important characteristic, attitude. Their tunes don’t just knock – they sway, they slither and DEMAND immersion. In the past, both members of 2nutz have leaned towards the filthier side of production. Dropping in your face mindmelters; the type of tunes that take your expectations, throw them on the floor and smash them several times with a steel bat. The type of tunes that turn the party out, real quick.

Half Price Caddies is a step in a different direction, but without sacrificing any of the extraordinary peculiarities of their production. This latest release is still pushing the envelope in both style and sound design, but the tracks are a bit more patient and calculated. There’s still a good bit of mindfuckery, but the focus on this release is attitude. kLL sMTH’s music often has a hip-hop influence, but this release takes that even further. Never did it cross our minds that one release could maintain a level of strange psychedelia comparable to San Fran in the 60s while also being as gangster as Compton in the 90s. Quite the combo.

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