Resonant Language – Onset


Release Date: 04/20/2016

Artist: Resonant Language
Release: Onset
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: April 20th, 2016
Duration: 17:26
Catalog # ADDICTECH108
UPC Code: 889326597063
File Under: Glitch Hop

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Over the last 10 years, glitch music has slowly gained ground and become something to be respected by the global electronic community. The West Coast of America, as well as Colorado in specific have been a incubator and hotbed of some of the best artists emulating this sound and Addictech Records are always on the hunt for fresh new talent that is on the rise.

The latest release is from Resonant Language who describes his music as Multi-genre Omni-tempo Progressive Psychedelic Bass Music, which frankly nails it right on the head. Honestly, we are going to leave it at that, as you should just let this glitch and bass psychonaut travel through your speakers and take you on a journey into his mind and creative process. You will not be disappointed in the audio adventure to be had with “Onset” a four track excursion into the latest output from an artist making his mark and moving up the ranks of the psychedelic glitch ranks!

We truly believe that Resonant Language has huge potential and are honored to add him to the family and roster at Addictech Records!

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