DST – Born 4 redie EP


Release Date: 04/20/2015

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Artist: DST
Release: Born 4 redie EP
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date : April 20th, 2015
Duration: 21:19
Catalog # ADDICTECH089
UPC Code: 889326214397
File Under: Glitch Hop, IDM, Breakbeat

These four monstrous new tracks from Hungarian producer DST are as full-framed and bassadelic as they come. Each warm kick and ethereal sonic splash fills the mind-space with a shifting yet tangible portrayal of what its like to exist in the cockpit of something truly ancient and alive.

Humans build machines, ruling them for the most part, but someday the roles may be reversed and if/when that time comes you’ll know exactly what to do… hop in your bass powered hovercraft, crank the subs to regenerate, and throw on this broken-beat mammoth of an EP while you establish a new order! It’s sure to scratch your ears in all the right places and breath mystic wind into your adventure seeking sails. The carefully chosen melody of frequencies are patient and accommodating for listeners of all experience levels; educating some and deeply satisfying the more cultivated ears of others. Dedicated amounts of layering and intelligent placement of ample sub-bass create robust foundations of tension and compression while keeping you elevated.

For a direct hit of wiggle to your wobble, and an instant favorite tune to the title track, “Born 4 redie,” a glitching, twisting ride on the S.S. Dub-Sub known to take you pointedly deeper into the hub of low-frequency wave creation. Trust it, the warmth is undeniable. But do yourself the ultimate favor and wind up your sound-box to thump through all four tracks in intended succession before passing judgement of your own. You might learn a wink on why you’re here and what it means to properly feed that inner sea-creature yearning for fresh vibes.

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