Goosebumpz – Pandora EP


Release Date: 10/20/2014

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Artist: Goosebumpz
Release: Pandora EP
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date : October 20th, 2014
Duration: 49:51
Catalog # ADDICTECH085
File Under: Glitch Hop, IDM

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The cerebral artwork of Matik Design that adorns the cover of Pandora blends the natural and the synthetic, making a perfect representation for the latest EP from Australia’s glitch-hop figure Goosebumpz.

The Pandora EP opens with a textbook example of glitch-hop. “Brace Position” has a driving metropolitan lead, mid-tempo beat made from live drum sounds, sci-fi atmospherics, and a few choice hip-hop vocals with a DMX growl. One half-expects that if glitch hop were added to the Webster’s dictionary, it would come with a link to this track.

“Lycra Chakra” has a breezy summer vibe with an uplifting beat, super funky horns, and a taste of effervescent guitar stylings deeper in the texture, punctuated by just enough vocal hype. “Squid Brand” features the most present electric guitar work, with hints of blues in its brass, guitar, and a downtrodden beat.

Closing the EP is the title track, probably the most smartly subtle track of them all. “Pandora” hits the sweet spot with Latin-tinged acoustic guitar, using cheeky gating to glitch up the synth lead in a similar fashion to its drum programming. With stuff like this in his arsenal, it’s no wonder the young man from Down Under has gone on to play major events such as Rainbow Serpent, Burning Man, Shambhala, and Astral Harvest. Check out this latest release as an example of the excitement behind this burgeoning Australian producer!

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