Bird Of Prey – Reconfigured


Release Date: 06/17/2013

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Artist: Bird Of Prey
Release: Reconfigured
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2013-06-17
Catalog # ADDICTECH062

Coming hot on the heels of Birds Eye View, an anthology collecting much of the Bird of Prey recordings to date, Reconfigured presents four interpretations of original material by Bay Area producer Torin Goodnight. All contemporaries and collaborators with Goodnight, these all-star remixers are like a United Nations of Sound, with Kaminanda representing Victoria via California, Quanta dropping the Cornwall sound, Desert Dwellers bringing the Santa Fe flavor, and Kalya Scintilla bringing back discoveries from dimensions beyond time and space. This remix EP is pure synergy.

Kaminanda’s take on “The First Step” maintains the dub spirit and tempo of the sci-fi laced original, slightly extending the intro and softening the outro. In typical Kaminanda fashion, there is a worldly feel to this version, adding a touch of depth and exotic instrumentation here and there that gives the track a more organic sound.

Also staying true to the original, Quanta’s version of “Atrium” maintains the dub-chill tone of its source material, but creates a little more depth within the piece. There is a new emphasis on skittering percussive sounds, a bit more wobble factor yet more space within its sounds. It feels longer, though it is actually the same length.

Kalya Scintilla’s ethno crunk remaining of “Kiva” is markedly faster, pushing the original’s stepping beat into a more lurching, brooding breakbeat. Adding manipulated liquid and metallic field recordings and Asian strings, this version journeys farther down the shamanic rabbit-hole.

“Pathfinder” was a perfect choice for New Mexico’s Desert Dwellers to retool. The original has a desert planes traveller sound, care of a laid back beat and smooth electric and acoustic guitar. Desert Dwellers maintain the tempo, but up the energy, making the stuttering beat a little more edgy and forceful. The acoustic guitar makes an appearance, and there’s a bit of didgeridoo and flute to ensure the peyote munching feel, but the melodic emphasis is placed more on snarling sub-base and a thoroughly gated high-end atmosphere. In this version, it seems the desert traveller stops looking out to the horizon, and find an even greater realms to explore inwards.

Another great release that we are honored to present!