Bran Richards – Dead Beat Son


Release Date: 06/07/2011

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Artist: Bran Richards –
Release: Dead Beat Son
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-06-07
Catalog # ADDICTECH031
*Limited Edition CD (100 Units)

Bran Richards is one of our gems from Oz, a secret weapon in our DJ sets, and an incredibly skilled young new producer. Comparing him to his comrades is a bit challenging, as it is very clear that he is reaching for the highest rung of production cleanliness, funky beats, and smooth bouncing bass that many people never reach in their computer audio journey, especially this early in their career.

Dead Beat Son is the latest from Bran, and it truly exceeds our expectations from him. 10 tracks of midtempo/glitch hop suited equally for your writhing dancefloor, to bump in the car, or to rock your headphones, as these tunes could very well end up being the soundtrack to your life! You will also find an exclusive album mix, as well as a extremely limited edition (111 Units) CD! Quality like this is rare, and its our duty to procure the best in bass music for you, one beat at a time. Dead Beat Son is the next step in this story, looking across the globe to our family in Australia for the real dope.

West Coast producers need to watch out for Australian’s, and we are very serious about this!

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