Mr Projectile – In The Fog


Release Date: 02/07/2011

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Artist: Mr Projectile
Release: In The Fog
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2011-02-07
Catalog # ADDICTECH024

The Addictech Records’ label 24th release brings one of our favorite West Coast artists into the fold, as we make a new seat at the table for Mr Projectile! Almost exactly a year to the day that his previous release came out on Semisexual, we are the gracious conduits of his latest transmission, the “In The Fog EP”!

Haunting our memories in the most delightful way, these tracks take us to the many times we have stood in front of a soundsystem and seen him tweaking his machines, as the light of morning cracks over the horizon, and a new day dawns.  Much like those thoughts are the tracks within this EP, a force of audio bliss with an original take on what is considered “West Coast” and an impeccably clean and forward thinking production standard. He is not afraid to bear his tools to the elements, often presenting his audio alchemy directly from the drum machines and synthesizers that these concoctions were born from in womb of his studio. We cannot express how much we appreciate that ethos from Matt, and it thrills us to be able to add this collection of tracks to our catalog.

Mr Projectile’s dynamic proposition of smooth rolling grooves and deep flowing layers, full frequency manipulations of unique intelligent glitched up electronics, seen through a view from an incredibly spotless lens of production standards makes this a clear addition to our circle of friends and familiars.

Thank you Mr. Projectile for not following the he(a)rd, we can only hope more artists reach for an individual sound, and dig deeper to take their tracks further as you have always done!

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