Tha Fruitbat – Rawk The Void EP


Release Date: 10/04/2010

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Artist: Tha Fruitbat
Release: Rawk The Void EP
Label: Addictech Records
Released: 2010-10-04
Catalog # ADDICTECH021

As the “West Coast Sound” is taking over the festivals and clubs, the bass and beats behind the movement are traveling the world and spreading the slow and low virus far and wide. We present to you another new artist from the West Coast, this producer coming from Nothern California under the moniker Tha Fruitbat.

Initially exposed to his music through outdoor festivals, we were impressed upon first listen and had to track down some goodies for the label. Those treats came in the form of this new EP, appropriately titled Rawk The Void!

Comprising of two bangers, the Rawk The Void EP gets raw with the glitch and bass, while maintaining a solid beat and effective dancefloor pleasure, riding the waves of low end pressure. Get in now and expose yourself to another emerging talent from California!

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