Audiovoid – Smear Your Mind EP


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Artist: Audiovoid
Title: Smear Your Mind EP
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2009-09-07
Catalog # ADDICTECH009

Audiovoid a.k.a. Lindsey Green provides the ninth installment for the Addictech Records label in a twisted mashup of tempos, layers, moods and frequencies. Lindsey’s influences range from death metal to idm/techno and the palette of sonic colors he has collected is displayed here for your speakers to smear the canvas of your mind.

Previously releasing on Muti, IOT Recodings, MDEX, and Cyberset – this is the first of a line of releases that Lindsey has planned for us under his Audiovoid moniker. Glitched up, smacked down, and ripping with bass, this is another transmission directly from the San Francisco undergrounds leading producers of innovative original audio hackery.

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