Kaglar Omega – The Labyrinth E.P.


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Artist: Kaglar Omega
Title: The Labyrinth E.P.
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2009-08-03
Catalog # ADDICTECH008

For our next label release, we bring you another new artist out of the west coast, and this time its from our brothers in the north.  Glitchy, raw and deep, Kaglar Omega comes to us with a variety of styles with his first release “The Labyrinth EP”

Kaglar is a multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and sound designer. He has been playing instruments for 15 yrs and producing electronic music for 10 years. His first performance was at the young age of 12 and he continued performing in metal and gothic bands in Eastern Europe until the age of 18 when he moved to Vancouver, BC. Studying audio recording engineering at the Art Institute of Vancouver, as well as Sound Design for visual media in VancouverFilmSchool, would only further his appreciation for his craft, and expand his experience in audio alchemy.

From banging dubstep grinders to deep and tweaky downtempo glitch hop, this is freaked out bass music just the way we like it!

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