:Metaphor: – Historic Pathways of Awakening


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Artist: :Metaphor:
Title: Historic Pathways of Awakening
Label: Addictech Records
Release Date: 2009-05-01
Catalog # ADDICTECH007

For our seventh release we bring you a fully dynamic album from another local West Coast secret weapon!

Although fresh to releasing his material to the public, :Metaphor: (a.k.a. Dave Jolley) has been at the controls as a DJ, producing transmissions for the West Coast movement for nearly a decade, pounding the bassbins through his multidimensional and heartfelt compositions. In 2006 Dave took a position teaching electronic music composition alongside other major artists at the Red Bull Music Academy, solidifying this :Metaphor: into shape, and now we bring his first full length release to you!

A timeline of the progression of an artist, “Historic Pathways of Awakening” shows 7 years of artistic output, a diary of growth as a person and a musician. A fleshed out sketchbook of reaching for something higher, better, and more magical through sound. In the end, the release achieves his initial vision of a combination of funk and textured layers melding together from deep wells of intention, reaching for you to enjoy the space as much as the creator. Big dancefloor bangers, funky hip twitchers, and sunrise salutations, :Metaphor: lives up to his name, expressing many feelings and frequencies across the waveform of life.

The cat is out of the bag! The secret must be revealed. The :Metaphor: is here for you to experience, get in now!

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